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These workshops could help deliver drama techniques for performance and/or introduce/develop knowledge for the theatre form standards.

Structured as a session or series of classes to upskill your own abilities while teaching mime work to your students, you could also book Fergus to visit your school to take a complete unit if you wish – or at least get that started in a way you can follow up on.

With focus on:

  • spontaneity & play
  • illusionary mime
  • slow-motion
  • characterisation
  • states of tension
  • isolations and robotics
  • The work has a strong sense of moving beyond traditional notions of ‘mime’ as a specific genre and more into a study of body and spatial awareness, as it relates to the performer on stage.


  • Large, clear space with a sound system required.
  • Adaptable to school drama studios, assembly halls.
  • Classes can be tailored for whatever duration suits: eg 50-90 minutes (depending on your school’s session timings).
  • Can teach up to 2 combined classes at once. (ie maximum participants: 70).
  • Minimum 1 teacher support per 35 students.

"The heavily practical nature allowed all students to work at their own skill and comfort level.

It was great to refresh old knowledge and gain new concrete skills and activities I could use in the classroom and on stage.

Spending concentrated time on movement training through a wide range of activities was very valuable. I also learned some new fun games and activities.

Fergus is a very calm and approachable instructor who I can see would work well with students of a range of ages and backgrounds."

Tamsin Dashfield-Speight

Drama Teacher

Heretaunga College

"My Year 8 Drama students really enjoyed working with Fergus learning about the art of mime. He opened their eyes to what mime can involve in the wider performing arts -

and taught them skills that are relevant to wider performance applications."

Robert Dil

St.Mark's Church School Wellington



The show will demonstrate some elements of movement and mime taught in the workshops. As well as combining visual theatre, comedy and juggling.

Ideally performed to large audiences

  • Adaptable to school hall stages, etc.
  • Allow space booking of one hour prior to showtime for preparation. 30 minutes after for packdown.
  • Sound system can be provided if required.
  • Duration 30 to 45 minutes.

"MR FUNGUS has exceptional ability as a performer. His material was pitched at exactly the right level and he quickly established and maintained with ease, a marvellous rapport with his audience.

It was heart-warming to hear 300 young people shrieking with genuine, unselfconscious laughter. MR FUNGUS' clowning, mime and juggling skills are of the highest quality and he combines them in a pacey performance that had his audience completely entranced..."

D.J. Pyatt, Mana College

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